Boft Malaysia is a self-printing photo kiosk that you can get the photos from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook accounts printed instantly or even do it the old-school way and take a ‘selfie’ picture on the spot.⁣

Here’s how you can print your photos from your phones or social accounts:-⁣

STEP 1: Connect your phone to the BOFT machine via Bluetooth or Wifi OR type in your Instagram / Facebook account handles.⁣

STEP 2: Select the photos you want to print from the respective sources. You can even change the size of the pictures and add in your own captions (this add-on is optional).⁣

STEP 3: Pay at the kiosk and let the machine do its magic instantly! Please be patient while your photos are being printed out. ⁣

Ground Floor (opposite Bean Brothers) | 10am – 10pm